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Rekindle the Joy of Writing Bestsellers

No matter the genre, every writer’s worst nightmare is the formatting phase. Keeping up with ever-changing industry standards and appealing to publishing houses and agents is a daunting task. That’s where Amazon Publishing Directswoops in to save the day! Using their 8+ years of industry experience, our formatting specialists are second to none when it comes to meeting client requirements.

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Types of Book Formattings We Handle

With a pool of over 60+ book formatting experts, we are the embodiment of the term “jack of all trades.” Our formatting specialists have years of experience polishing the work of thousands of authors from various genres all around the globe.

What We Bring to the Table

Thanks to our highly dedicated team of professionals, we have been able to outplay, outsmart, and outlast our competition on all fronts, turning Amazon Publishing Directinto a household name in the ebook industry.

Our Battle-Tested Process

At Amazon Publishing Direct, our goal is to simplify processes and remain as transparent as possible with each client. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Form Submission

Form Submission

As soon as you sign up, our sales representative will give you a call to discuss project details.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis

Once you’re assigned a project manager, we start ironing out the nitty-gritty details by setting holistic KPIs.

Primary Formatting

Primary Formatting

After the manuscript is submitted, we’ll format the first chapter and send it to you for feedback.

Secondary Formatting

Secondary Formatting

After considering your feedback, we start working on the manuscript while keeping you updated on the progress.



Once everything is said and done, we send you the finalized manuscript for one last approval. After that, your book is publisher-ready.

Our Let’s Get Your Book, Publisher-Ready!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any queries? We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions our clients have for us. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call or drop us a message.

  • What is book formatting?

    Book formatting refers to the arranging and styling of the content by splitting it into fine paragraphs and adding punctuations, symbols, interior layouts, graphics, and other elements.

  • How to format a book for publishing?

    Formatting a book is essential; however, it takes a lot of time and professional expertise. To format a book, you can consult our specialists.

  • How much do you charge for formatting a book?

    The book formatting cost depends on a number of factors, such as the nature, genre, and length of your book.

  • What are the types of book formatting options?

    Books are formatted in a variety of ways depending on your goal. Here are 10 book formatting styles we specialize in.

    • 1. Hand Cover Books
    • 2. Trade Paperback
    • 3. Mass Market Paperback
    • 4. Oversized Books
    • 5. Miniature Books
    • 6. Photo Books
    • 7. Children’s Book
    • 8. Digital or Kindle Books
    • 9. Audio Books
    • 10. Manuscript Formats
  • How fast can you deliver my project?

    There’s no set timeline because every project has unique requirements and we invest our heart and soul in books that we format. However, our 60+ formatting experts can get the job done before your deadline.

Our Wall of Love

Here’s what our global network of clients has to say about us.

“Book formatting is not easy and I learned it the hard way when I tried to do it myself. I am happy I found Amazon Publishing Directbecause they adjusted the content along with images for different file formats required for publishing and print! ”

Jordan Watkins

“I have worked with a couple of book publishing and formatting agencies but I am happy to admit that Amazon Publishing Direct is one of the best on my list. They managed to arrange my content and imagery with my page requirements and didn't mess up the flow or added extra space. Great job guys! ”

Ethan Allen

“It was a pleasure working with Amazon Publishing Directand I am looking forward to working more. They worked magic with my book fixing all the spacing issues. I had a hard time trusting their services because I've been let down a couple of times but my experience overall was fantastic! ”

Harley Simmons